About GPI, Inc.

The Global Perspective Institute (GPI), Inc. was established in 2008 to study and promote global holistic human development, especially among college students. One of the central characteristics of 21st century life is the need to meet, learn, and live with others with very different cultural backgrounds, habits, perspectives, customs, religious beliefs, and aspirations. In this global century, multiple perspectives about knowing, sense of identity, and relationships with others serve as powerful influences in our society.

In addition to leading the CLDE Project, GPI, Inc. administers the Global Perspective Inventory, designed to measure a person’s global perspective. The inventory was developed with the idea that all persons—students, faculty, staff—are on a journey of life, in which they keep asking three major questions: how do I know?, who am I?, and how do I relate to others?

The inventory provides a self-report of a person's perspectives on the cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal dimensions of global learning and development, as well as views on the community and level of involvement in selected curricular and co-curricular activities. To date, the Global Perspective Inventory has been used by more than 70 colleges, universities, and third party study abroad organizations.

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