Qualities to Look Out for in International Schools in Bangkok

Qualities to Look Out for in International Schools in Bangkok

If you want to enroll your child in an international school in Bangkok, it is advisable to know the features found in such institutions. This knowledge is vital in helping you decide which of the many schools is likely to suit the educational needs of your kid.

The following are some of the standard features found in international schools in Bangkok, according to Civic Learning.

International Curriculum

Most international schools in Bangkok teach using a universal curriculum. In addition, to become accepted in most countries in the world, it means that students have an easy even if they move to a new location. Examples of curricula offered in Bangkok schools include the American system and the International Baccalaureate.

Excellent Resource

The excellent quality and wide range of resources available in international schools ensure that they provide valuable education. Students have enough number of books, and other facilities need to ensure that they grasp the academic concepts. This is not the case in regular schools, where resources are scarce and often need to be shared among a vast population of scholars.

Extracurricular Activities

Another feature that you would find in an international school in Bangkok is an array of co-curricular activities. These include art, clubs and societies, drama, music, and sports and so on. In addition to enhancing physical wellbeing, these activities improve sociability and teamwork, as well as help tutors to identify and develop young talents. Scholars also get the chance to participate in outdoor activities such as academic trips and fieldwork.

Qualified Staff

To ensure that they provide quality education continually, international schools in Thailand invest in hiring qualified and experienced staff. Consequently, they can transfer knowledge effectively to academics to improve their performance in exams. More importantly, the schools encourage tutors to teach useful life skills such as firmness and critical thinking so that they become ready for life after school.


The features in a learning institution correlate with the quality of education offered. At Civic Learning, parents are encouraged to ensure that their pick has the qualities listed above to ensure that kids benefit from learning.

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