Top 10 international schools in Bangkok

Top 10 international schools in Bangkok

One of the major advantages of living in Bangkok is that your child gets an opportunity to study in the best international schools in Thailand. The quality of education offered in international schools in Bangkok is way better than that in public schools. The schools provide an international curriculum and have students from multicultural backgrounds.

You will find both local and foreign teachers in Bangkok international schools. If you are in search for an international school in Bangkok, you will also want to consider Bangkok traffic. Since the roads in the city are always busy during traffic hours, it’s prudent to pick a school that is near where you live. Civic Learning recommends these top international schools in Bangkok.

TCIS (Thai-Chinese International School)

Located in Samutprakarn, the TCIS international school boasts of a long history of offering the American curriculum focusing on trilingual education. The language of instruction in the school is mainly English although Thai and Chinese is also taught by the native teachers. The school has modern and separate facilities from elementary level all the way to high school level. Not only are students encouraged to do well in academics, but also in extra-curricular activities such as arts, music and athletics.

KIS international school

Looking for an international school in Bangkok with perfect IB curriculum? KIS is the perfect choice. Built in the heart of Huay Kwang district, the school provides the latest facilities with a friendly community.

Concordian international school

The school offers the IB program. Students can learn several languages such as Mandarin, English and Thai. It believes in fluency in several languages. The school has modern and high tech facilities to make learning easy for your child

International school of Bangkok(ISB)

One of the premier international schools globally, ISB has proven over time that quality international education never disappoints. It offers a holistic approach to learning.

NIST international school

One of the best tier 1 Thai international schools providing complete IB program. If you are looking for full international Baccalaureate Program for your child, this is the perfect school for you. The school provides all the facilities needed for your child to excel in their studies. From wireless classrooms, green screen rooms to the latest MacBook for learning, it is the epitome of learning with absolute sophistication. However, you will have to pay higher school fees as compared to most international schools in Thailand.

Bangkok patana school

One of the oldest international schools in Thailand, Patana offers British education to expats in Bangkok. Not only does it emphasize in education, but also sports and arts. If your child loves the arts and sports, then they will do best in Patana school.